Global Fleet Summit APAC 2021

Sofico is proud to support the Global Fleet Summit APAC as a gold patner.

The Global Fleet Summit APAC is the first event on the continent that will gather Fleet & Mobility Leaders with a focus on the APAC region and an international scope.

The Summit will focus on global or regional fleet management strategies and  on the key elements to enable success.

Main topics will include:

  • How to approach APAC in an international fleet strategy?
  • How does the fleet & mobility landscape look like in the APAC region?
  • Which finance models are preferred and who are the suppliers offering them?
  • How can connectivity help you manage your fleet?
  • What other mobility solutions are available and how can you integrate them in your fleet and mobility strategy?

The content of the Summit will be build by expert fleet & mobility professionals  with international and APAC fleet management backgrounds. Experienced  opinion leaders and award-winning fleet managers will highlight global trends that  may impact fleet management optimisation in the APAC region.

At the center is best practice sharing, learning from in-depth presentations,  listening to inspiring case studies and open panel discussions.

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