Sofico Gent Marathon 2021

28 march 2021 will be a first date for all running enthusiast to add to their calendar. On this day, the next edition of the Sofico Gent Marathon, including a first ever passage through the historic heart of Ghent, will take place​​​​​​​.


After the first kilometre along the Watersportbaan, the route dives straight into the city centre via the Nieuwewandeling passing by the most famous Ghent historic buildings and St Michael’s Bridge. This will provide the participants with a beautiful view over the Ghent skyline defined by St Nicholas Church, the Belfry and St Bavo’s Cathedral. The runners will go past the Vrijdagmarkt and the Van Eyck swimming pool; along the Visserij and after a passage along the banks of the Scheldt they will go in the direction of the Ghelamco Arena.

The route through the AA Ghent football stadium adds a nice little extra novelty before the participants of the longest distance continue their run along the Scheldt and Lys and discover the budding green open spaces of Sint-Denijs-Westrem and Afsnee. As tradition dictates, the Sofico Ghent Marathon finishes in the impressive Topsporthal where the runners will be welcomed with a warm applause from the many supporters, and where every participant will receive a unique Jan van Eyck medal to mark the Jan Van Eyck theme year 2020.  This is a unique occasion for Ghent and a top experience for the participants as part of the festivities of the Jan Van Eyck year 2020!

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