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Hidden Champion seeks multi talent

Hidden Champions are world-leading within their niche, unknown outside of their niche and distinguish themselves through their ambitious growth and innovation approach.

What is a Hidden Champion?

The concept of 'Hidden Champions' was introduced by professor Hermann Simon in his 1996 book "Hidden Champions. Lessons from 500 of the world's best unknown companies". 

Dr. Simon provides this definition. A Hidden Champion is a company that:

  • is Top 3 in the world 
  • has a revenue below €3 billion
  • relatively unknown to the general public

Sofico is a Hidden Champion.

You probably haven't heard of us before but that's OK. Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are a software company with a world-leading solution for the automotive financial services industry (leasing, finance, renting, sharing and multi-mobility).

The video below gives you a 1-minute introduction. 

How can you boost your career by joining Sofico?

Hidden Champions differ from large firms because they have very ambitious goals based on growth and market leadership through innovation.  This creates a perfect environment for talented people to thrive. 


With a growth target of 15% growth per annum, the company doubles in size every 5 years. 

In 2020, our global turnover equaled nearly 50 million Euro. 

For you, a growing company provides opportunities for personal growth


Every year, a significant amount of our turnover is invested in product innovation. In this way, we guarantee our customers leading-edge technology with functionality attuned to the latest evolutions in their market. 

For you, it guarantees opportunities for life-long learning

Life-long learning

We are a learning organization.

Through a 6-month internal onboarding program, you are introduced to the depth and breadth of our Miles Software. 

Knowledge is transferred through internal training based on your personalized curriculum with support from your learning coach.

Your job coach then helps you apply this knowledge to real-life cases. 

Ready to boost your career?

Are you keen to sink your teeth into a job full of challenges and a career full of continuous learning?

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