Senior Business Consultant

Full-Time | Zwijnaarde, Belgium | Consulting

About the job

Your main responsibilities will be

Are you the person that will support our team in getting a project to the Go-live?

And support this customer Post Go-live?

Interesting for you to know; one of the major challenges in this project are the complex integrations with 3rd parties.

Even though the agreed-upon scope has been delivered. You can still contribute to different aspects of the implementation.

There is a full data migration to be executed. And you will also guide the testing process.

Your main role is to help in data reconciliation, finetune data mappings, and functional readiness of the migrated scope (can the customer continue his day to day business on his portfolio with the new software, Miles).

You help through setting priorities towards a successful go-live and work on new opportunities after go-live.

You’ll be responsible for investigating issues and questions reported by the customer; It is important to differentiate between what can be adjusted within this scope and what would be considered a change request.

This means you’ll perform the first analysis, align with the project team or development, provide feedback to the customer, and follow-up on the delivery of fixes towards the customer.

If there are change requests, you’ll also gather the requirements, set the budget, and follow up the planning until the delivery. And present the final solution through a demo.

You are in close contact with the customer and advise them throughout the process of possible improvements, best practices, and alternative solutions.

Good to know; The customer really expects this but also appreciates it.

The project is in Belgium but for an international customer. In the future, expansion to other countries could be a possibility for you.

Your interests and skills

You already have years of experience with ERP implementation projects.

You are well familiar with terms like linear or annuity-based pricing, investment and invoice postings, depreciation, direct debits, arrear management, etc.

So ideally, you have a background in accounting.

Besides that, you are most passionate about understanding and documenting the different business processes. You’re a natural at translating business requirements into system needs & thinking about solutions.

If you also have knowledge of the leasing sector, then we found our unicorn. If not, we can bring you up to speed.

You are professional as you represent Sofico at our customer.

For this specific project, it would be great if you speak French fluently. But being fluent in English is most important.

You might be interested to know;

Last year we hired 57 people worldwide.

The salary package includes a car and a fuel card.

Miles, our core product, is an ERP software for automotive finance, leasing, fleet, and mobility management. It’s an end-to-end solution encompassing front-, mid- and back-office functions that can be extensively customized to the customer's needs through configuration.

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Questions about joining Sofico? Learn more about our interview process on our frequently asked questions page.



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