10 questions: Gilles

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1. How did it all start at Sofico?

Well as you might know I’m currently doing my internship here at Sofico. This pandemic initially had me worried as to whether I would even be able to find an internship that could challenge me. When I got in contact with Sofico, and I was told what I would be doing, I was super excited. Not many interns get the opportunity to help in the development of a marketing strategy, let alone for a global company like Sofico. Needless to say, I instantly accepted the position as an intern and that’s how this adventure started.

2. What does a day at Sofico look like for you?

No moment of boredom. As you can imagine, developing a global marketing strategy is quite a bit of work. My days are also very diverse, some days I am just working on things by myself, other days I am having discussions about how things could be done optimally with people from our different global offices. There’s new stuff to do weekly and learning opportunities almost every day.

3. How is Sofico different from your previous job(s)?

Being a student, I don’t have any ‘full-time’ working experience yet. I did have a couple of ‘part-time student jobs’ to gain valuable, studies-related, experience. The big difference between those jobs and my current job at Sofico is the responsibility placed upon me. Sofico has given me a lot of trust, which isn’t something commonly experienced as a student or intern.

4. How do you spend your free time?

A couple of ways, I think of myself as an outdoorsy and adventurous kind of guy. I usually boulder (discipline in climbing) multiple times a week as a hobby and I love going on hikes in nature. Besides that, I love enjoying a nice book in the sun, listening to some music and spending time with my friends and dogs. During holidays I love to travel and can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can once again explore the world. 

5. What may we serve you to please you?

I’ve been loving what I have experienced so far, the one unfortunate thing being this current pandemic, which doesn’t allow for people to connect as much as would otherwise be possible. 

6. What do you love about your team?

That even though work needs to be done, we can still joke around and have fun while we do so. Things don’t have to be too formal and serious all the time. The fact that my team is always willing to help me out and explain things to me is also something I’m grateful for.

7. My superpowers are …

My extreme efficiency and calmness under pressing deadlines, I don’t know how it happens but if a deadline is almost present, I somehow become multiple people working together and getting it done on time. 

8. If I were able to change one thing at Sofico it would be …

Hmmm, well I don’t know anything instantly besides maybe me getting hired a year earlier so my team and I had a bit more leeway the time we can spend on things. 

9. What have I learned so far?

A ton, and still I feel like I haven’t scratched the surface (laughs) - that’s what being an intern is all about, I guess. 

10.   Which colleagues would you like to have a drink with soon? And why?
(This serves as a nomination for the next 10 questions, too, by the way)
Anyone I haven’t met yet. (laughs) I love meeting people and I love having a drink, so why not combine the two? 


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