10 questions: Jay


1. How did it all start at Sofico? 

I joined Sofico after 2 attempts at applying. Two years after my first application (which was not successful), I learned that the position was open again. So, I reapplied and at last, joined Sofico. 

2. What does a day at Sofico look like for you? 

For me, it's like solving puzzles. There are always some challenging puzzles ahead and there are many ways to approach them. I try to find the best solution (like everyone else). 
Sure, sometimes I make mistakes, or it may take a few days to solve the problem, but still, I am enjoying it very much. 

3. How is Sofico different from your previous job(s)? 

I feel Sofico wants employees to be autonomous in many ways. We are expected to develop our career independently. We need to decide and define what to do or study. Sofico never tells us how much time we need to spend on study. Initiative is key. 
This culture has changed my attitude towards work and study: I have become more proactive. 

4. How do you spend your free time? 

I love to watch movies or TV shows. However, I have two kids (3 years, 10 months) who require my full attention. I spend most of my free time with my family.  
I am waiting for the day when I watch a (non-kid) movie together with my two sons, which also means I won't need to change nappies anymore. 

5. What may we serve you to please you? 

Well, I am quite happy now. Once this COVID situation is over, a team gathering event would be nice to have. (laughs) 

6. What do you love about your team? 

My colleagues are hardworking people but at the same time, they are humorous and make me laugh and smile at work. So, yes, I like to come back to work on Monday morning. 

7. My superpowers are  

I have always believed that I am a creative thinker with a passion to find a creative solution. I like to look at a problem from various and holistic viewpoints and find an optimal solution. 

8. If I were able to change one thing at Sofico it would be 

It's about Miles RIA (Miles back-office user interface; Ed.) (laughs) I wish we could control the UI of the pop-up dialog of RIA, too. Sometimes I would like to amend the UI in the pop-up dialog box, just like the normal pages in RIA, by config. 

9. What have I learned so far? 

Sofico changed my mindset to be more proactive. From the work itself, I have learned a lot about the automotive industry and about accounting, along with soft skills like ‘how to manage customer expectations’. 

10. Which colleagues would you like to have a drink with soon? And why? 

(This serves as a nomination for the next 10 questions, too, by the way) 
Arthur Salas and Kumcheol Park. We used to drink together after work when we were working on the project (MBRKR) together. 
We had so much fun during the project, but we are all located in different countries now. Hope we can catch up and have a drink together someday. 


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