10 questions: Nancy

Sofico sucht eine weitere Nancy

1.      How did it all start at Sofico?

I was working in Antwerp and Brussels before I started at Sofico. I was tired of being stuck in traffic jams every day and losing a lot of precious time. So, I searched for a new job in the Ghent area and Sofico was one of the first companies popping up in my search results.

Sofico was looking for consultants to start the PGL support team for their new application Miles.

2.      What does a day at Sofico look like for you?

A day at Sofico is always challenging. It is a mix of working on the planned tasks, dealing with deadlines, helping colleagues, coaching new people and managing the customer’s requests.

3.      How is Sofico different from your previous job(s)?

Sofico is a company that really invests in their people, in all areas. And this is much appreciated.

4.      How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with - and for - my family. 

5.      What may we serve you to please you?

You may always serve a spicy tea with a delicious piece of dark chocolate! That is my favorite source of energy.

6.      What do you love about your team?

My team is a good mix of young, ambitious, talented, senior and experienced people. It’s a happy crew.

7.      My superpowers are …

My superpowers are: patience, stress resistant, friendly, team player, communicative, responsible and reliable.

8.      If I would be able to change one thing at Sofico it would be …

If I could change one thing at Sofico, I would change the offices into a futuristic high-tech landscape, that would make Sofico even more impressive!

9.      What have I learned so far?

I learned to never give up, because there is a solution for every problem.

10.   Which colleagues would you like to have a drink with soon? And why?
 (this serves as a nomination for the next 10 questions too by the way)

If I must make a choice (which is very difficult) then I prefer to have a drink with my team mates first, just because I like them most. And with the guys of systems, because they are funny.


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