10 questions: Yayoi


1.      How did it all start at Sofico?

I started to work for Sofico when I was in Australia, even before SSJ (the Japan office) had opened. I worked for SSA (Sofico Services Australia) as a part-timer to translate Miles GUI into Japanese. It became a demo environment to show to our first Japanese customer (ICN).

2.      What does a day at Sofico look like for you?

I am busy every day (and having fun at the same time!). I have learned so many things at Sofico and I really like it.

3.      How is Sofico different from your previous job(s)?

Sofico (SSJ) is not a typical company in Japan. It’s a much more casual, global and friendly working place. Plus I am given more responsibilities than in my previous job. Never before have I been able to develop my career path myself as much as I can here at Sofico.

4.      How do you spend your free time?

I have a 2-year-old son. I usually follow some home courses and play with the kid. As soon as the COVID-19 situation improves, I would like to travel a lot.

5.      What may we serve you to please you?

Sofico gives me variety of experiences such as working globally, learning project management, system implementation and configuration. All of them were new to me. But Sofico continues to give me a lot of new challenges and chances.

6. What do you love about your team?

We are all good friends and together we create a great ‘feeling at home’ working environment. (We also like to party party party 😊)

7.      My superpowers are …

Learning multiple tasks and roles simultaneously. I am not a ‘super expert’ in one particular area. We have many experts for specific areas, but I am not that kind of person.

Instead, I am multiplayer. My knowledge is wide-ranging rather than deep. I think that’s my strength. Because it helps to connect people and support them.

8. If I were able to change one thing at Sofico it would be …

Difficult question! Err ... maybe give up doing ISO27001? (laughs). But I can’t say that, to be honest. Maybe create a Sofico mascot character!?

9. What have I learned so far?

So much! Project Management, Business Consulting, Miles, Accounting, Auto leasing business, English, Management, Soft skills, Training skills, Presentations, etc.

10.   Which colleagues would you like to have a drink with soon? And why?
 (This serves as a nomination for the next 10 questions, too, by the way)

Len, Iwase-san, Park-san and Taro-san – because they are drinking buddies and they cannot stand working without drinking. You can nominate any of them! Or all of them...


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