5 tips to ace that video job interview


Sofico has offices around the world and therefore recruits globally. So even before the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of our job interviews were done through video call. But these calls have their challenges. Here are some tips to ace that online job interview. Camera. Lights. Action.

1. We want to see you

 It is very important that the interviewer can see you. We don't just listen, but also watch out for non-verbal communication. A few things to think about that will put you in the best light, are lightning, camera position and background. 

Try putting your laptop or I-pad on a box so the camera is on eye-level, the ‘frog perspective’ is not that flattering.

For lightning, the most important thing is to avoid windows in the background, because this will surround you in darkness. Something extra you can consider, is to take a little desk light and turn it into a spotlight to highlight your face.

The background should not be distracting, the attention is on you. So preferably use a neutral wall without photo’s, posters, etc.

2. Testing, 1, 2, 3, …

Every company has his preferred video application to use. So, 60 minutes before the scheduled interview you should check if this application can be used just in your browser, if you need to download something (add-ons, updates, …) and double check if your camera and sound are working optimal. If you still need to figure this all out last minute, there is a chance that it doesn't work like it should and you are late for your appointment.

3. Connection, Connection, Connection

A good internet connection is important so that the conversation can flow without lagging, interruptions or sound distortions. Find a place (that fits the above criteria) close to the router, maybe even put your roommates on a WIFI-diet for an hour to make sure you are the only one accessing the web.

4. Can you hear me?

It is of course important to hear each other well. Many choose to use some type of headset, which is something that we would recommend. If you have trouble hearing the person on the other side, you can turn up the volume without worrying about reverb through the microphones. It is important to check that the application and/or your computer is using the right sound input.

5. Minimize distractions

A job interview really requires all your attention so keep the distractions away. This can be little papers laying around your desk, people walking around, etc. So, find a quit spot away from family members, clean your desk and make sure you can focus. A job interview only takes around an hour.


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