6 mental tips for the Sofico Gent Marathon


During a marathon, not only do you need to be in good shape. Your mind has to be in the right place too. These tips can help.

1. Create some distraction

Running 42 kilometers is not something you can do just like that. There is a high risk that boredom will set in. At such moments, you can distract yourself by playing games. For example, count the number of pairs of running shoes of brand X that you come across until you reach a certain number. Or name countries/football teams/famous singers, etc. in your head from A to Z. In this way, time will go by faster and you will avoid negative thoughts.

2. Stay positive

The last sentence of point 1 brings us seamlessly to this point. Don't give negative thoughts a chance. Suppose that your strength gradually begins to lag. In that case, think: in a few kilometers, there is a water stop and after that, things will go better. And of course, the glass is half full, not half empty. Halfway through the race, you are proud that you have run 21 kilometers, rather than grumbling that there are still the same number ahead.

3. Visualize the end

How will you cross the finish line? If you imagine that moment, you will forget the race for a while, and therefore think less about being tired. The positive feelings will also give you extra (mental) strength.

4. Divide the race up

42.195 km is of course quite a distance. So divide the race up. For example, from supply post to supply post, or from one attraction to the next.

5. Arrange in advance for a reward

In difficult moments, think about that delicious cool beer that awaits you at the finish line, or the French fries that you can finally treat yourself to.

6. Use a mantra

If you are engaged in a constant and lengthy activity, this can really help. You remain focused and keep a stable running pace. One well-known mantra is: keep on running.
And another thing that of course helps your noggin: fans!


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