A growth mindset within a Learning Organization


Our vision: Having a “Growth mindset”, within a Learning Organization. You embrace challenges, you are convinced you can and will improve yourself. This is the spirit we are looking for!​​​​​​​

After your 6-months training period – supported by your Job Coach – it’s time to manage your own learning, your own growth, your own career…   

But will be supported identifying your skills & talents, setting development & learning goals and taking action to enhance your career.  ​​​​​​​

You are in the driving seat of your own career!

Corinne Martens, HR manager

Take initiative!

Careers at Sofico are constructed rather than chosen and this process of building is a process of learning and personal development.

Plenty of opportunities

Our career wheel offers you more insight in career opportunities within and outside your Team. The possibilities are endless:

  • Are you an expert profile? Focus on a limited number of domains and become a subject matter expert, contributing to improvement or innovation projects.
  • Do you have leadership ambitions? Acquire a more high-level insight in different domains and gradually take on coaching-, lead and customer facing roles.
  • Do you have plans to take a completely different path? Look into the career wheel of other Teams and work towards a job rotation.​​​
  • ...​​​​

“Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championships”

common saying at Sofico

Sofico is a friendly and helpful working environment – our feedback- and coaching culture, the community you are part of and a close Team that surrounds you – offering you the best support to meet your challenges.

You will choose your Career Coach, you will ask for feedback. And… you will also ‘give’ and contribute to the Learning Organization: depending on your ambition and talents you will coach colleagues, prepare and/or give training and share knowledge.  

Keep Learning

Coaching and Training go hand in hand. Our LMS (Learning Management Systems) offers you a complete training catalogue and a tool to manage your Personal Training Plan. You will give and take: on the one hand you contribute to learning in different ways and on the other hand you add training opportunities to your Personal Training Plan.  

Are you ready for the Sofico Career adventure?


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