Bringing the world to Ghent

Sofico office Zwijnaarde

At the end of 2019, our management needed to make a decision. The company’s revenue grows at a rate of 15% per year on average. To support this growth, new talent is being onboarded every month. After 14 years, the offices near Ghent, Belgium were getting inevitably cramped. So, the dilemma was: move to a new building or expand the current office.

Renovate and innovate

The decision was made to stay at the current site at Zwijnaarde’s TechLane, just outside Ghent. We were able to expand into an adjacent wing, also the perfect opportunity to renovate the site and implement some improvements to increase employee wellbeing and reduce our ecological footprint.

Energy-consuming light points were replaced by LEDs, Solar panels installed, water coolers replaced with new models that are directly hooked up to the tap, cutting back on unnecessary plastic bottles.

To support alternative mobility solutions, charge points were added for EVs and a new secure bicycle shed with charge points for electric bicycles erected. Additional showers were installed so colleagues commuting by bicycle and lunch-time runners can freshen up.

Employee wellbeing

To improve employee wellbeing, electrically raising desk were purchased, special pods were installed so people can take phone calls or have impromptu one-on-one meetings without disturbing colleagues. An additional lunchroom, our ‘work café’ with a reading corner, was added, as well as a think tank, a lounge and a quiet room.

Bringing the world to Ghent

When it came to naming and decorating the meeting rooms and scrum rooms, we took inspiration from our 8 offices worldwide. Each is named after a significant feature or landmark near one of our offices. To bring the meeting room to life, a stunning floor to ceiling photo was added.

Colleagues in Belgium now meet with customers and Soficolleagues from all over the world from these Sofico-office inspired meeting rooms.

A neat side-effect: the TechLane site where Sofico is based now has the highest concentration of people who can pronounce Popocatépetl (a volcano near our Puebla-based, Mexican office) in the whole of Belgium.

Non-native speaking colleagues in Belgium are still working on the pronounciation of 'Graslei'.

SSB welcome sign

SSB Meeting Room Harbour Bridge

SSB Meeting Room Pont d'Avignon

SSB scrum room Skytree

SSB scrum room Calle Colonial

SSB meeting room Graslei

SSB meeting room Gravensteen

SSB scrum room Mount Fuji

SSB scrum room Popocatépetl

SSB meeting room Opera House

SSB Meeting room Malvern Hills

SSB meeting room Isar

SSB meeting room Oudegracht

SSB work café

SSB Lounge room

From top left to bottom right: 

Welcome sign with meeting room overview
Pont d'Avignon meeting room
Calle Colonial scrum room
Gravensteen meeting room
Popocatépetl scrum room
Malvern Hills meeting room
Oudegracht meeting room

Harbour Bridge meeting room
Skytree scrum room
Graslei meeting room
Mount Fuji scrum room
Opera House meeting room
Isar Meeting room
​​​​​​​Work Café


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