Exhibit of hidden talents in our Belgian office


A few months ago, Sofico launched a call to colleagues, inviting them to contribute to the office's aesthetic. After all, we were under the impression that our company is full of hidden talents.

A few bright artworks may now be discovered in the hallway of our Belgian office. They are painted with watercolor paint, which gives them a smooth, dreamy appearance. Such tender art is displayed alongside works with strict lines and dark colors. Bringing you back from a more dreamy state to reality. However, each style is distinct and beautiful, and all paintings liven up Sofico's office more than ever.

This is the most beautiful form of art my girlfriend paints


Mathieu Verdonck was happy to tell us some more about his girlfriend Jana, one of the authors of these lovely paintings. "I can't tell you where her original interest in art came from. I think she just always liked being artsy?" ​​​​​​​- says Mathieu.

As an architect by profession and artist by vocation, Jana enjoys working with colors, mixing them, and putting her thoughts on paper in the shape of the artwork. Her architectural education was especially useful in the creation of the artworks for Sofico. Every week, she attends workshops to improve her watercolor coloring talents; Mathieu stated that this is the most beautiful form of artwork her girlfriend paints.Jana practiced pencil drawings, technical/CAD drawings, and maquettes in addition to watercolors, which she uses the most.

For the Sofico Jana created creative work with "Bistre". (left)

Java developer or professional painter?

Another artist we'd like to spotlight is Christophe Lambert. Java developer or professional painter? It's difficult to say now that we've learned more about his interests.

Christophe has a keen interest in painting series, which are collections of many paintings on the same topic, which interact with each other. When it comes to painting styles, Christophe prefers portraits, but if he can mention something fascinating around him, he will undoubtedly capture a moment. "My artworks tell the same story. Sometimes it's portraits, but it could be anything I see around me".

Christophe has been sculpting his talent with a private teacher (professional artist) for at least 2 hours every week for the last 5 years. You might suppose that the prime goal of lessons is to improve his painting skills, but that is not the case with Christophe. He is self-taught in terms of drawing and painting, but his tutor assists him in developing creative thinking and the workflow process. Christophe not only actively studied art, but he also did it passively because many of his close friends are artists. So, in parallel to his job as a java developer, he devotes a significant portion of his free time to his passion. Is it a sign of his dedication? Christophe has done a few exhibitions in the past and is planning another one soon. 

Also, Christophe mentioned that his biggest supporters are family and friends, stating dramatically:  "I think an artist can die if this is not the case".


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