Healthy recipe for the race day


Pasta with spinach, tomato cubes and goat cheese! 

This meal is rich in carbohydrates, but by using white pasta, little fat and a vegetarian preparation, it is also low in fibre, fat and protein. In other words: ideal for the day of the race!

Ingredients (for 1 person) 

- 200 g white pasta 
- 1 tablespoon olive oil 
- 100 g spinach 
- 50 g peeled tomatoes 
- 30 g goat cheese (mild) 
- a pinch of salt and pepper 
- a few leaves of fresh basil (optional) 


- Bring some salt water to the boil in a pot and add the pasta 
- Cook the pasta until just tender, drain and return to the pot 
- Heat up the olive oil in the pot and add the chopped spinach and tomatoes 
- Cook on medium heat until they are nice and tender 
- Cut the goat cheese into small pieces 
- Mix all ingredients together and serve with a few more leaves of basil, if desired 

 Nutritional value (per person): 895 kcal - 139.2 g carbohydrate - 35 g protein 


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