Hidden agenda: deputy Mayor Nicolas


There is much more to our colleagues than meets the eye. While it's often worth a shout-out, it easily remains unnoticed. Nicolas is a Business consultant at Sofico Services France.

Q1: Nicolas, how do you like working at home?

Oh, I much prefer to be in the office. Fortunately, I get to see the colleagues one day a week. I've known them since the time we worked together at Car Systems. This creates a bond, and it has been cut somewhat now... Fortunately, I do see some of them in the office: for questions, to think of solutions together, for a coffee chat...

Q2: In addition to your job at Sofico, you also have another job. As the deputy mayor of your village?

Haha, yes! It started years ago when I was a volunteer in the party team of Saint-Didier (depicted), the village where I live. It's right at the foot of Mont Ventoux and has a population of about 2200 people. As deputy mayor, I assist 'le Maire' in numerous tasks. For example, I am responsible for patrimony, tourism, communication, and security (laughs).

Above: Trail de St. Didier 2019

Q3: Do you still find the time to do nice things?

Yes, I do! But I find these tasks really fascinating. It is a small community, everyone knows each other and questions come directly to the mayor. “Make sure the broadband Internet works”, “the petanque court is crooked” or “why is this book not in our library”' are some of the questions we are trying to find an answer to. The answer about the broadband internet though is: call Orange Fr (laughs). And of course, as the person in charge of tourism, it's also very busy during the Tour de France!

We are of course also working on future projects, such as a new website for 'le village'.

Above: Jean Alesi

Q4: You met Jean Alesi, haven’t you?

Absolutely. I'm a big F1 fan and watch all the motorsport races on TV. Of course, one day I hope to witness a live race at Spa-Francorchamps! Once I met Jean Alesi and Keke Rosberg at Le Castellet in France during tests for the German DTM championship. Great day!

Q5: Do you participate in sports yourself?

I played rugby when I was younger. Now I still watch all France's matches and hope to one day watch a match between the two countries together with my colleagues from Australia! The chances of us winning are slim, but if it happens, I will be extremely happy (laughs).


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