Hidden agenda: Niels Joosten

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There is much more to our colleagues than meets the eye. While it's often worth a shout-out, it easily remains unnoticed.
Each week we share a colleagues'  hidden talent, hobby, or fetish.

"Someone who has been in a meeting with me (before corona-times) has undisputedly seen me drawing sketches on a note block, no matter how boring or interesting that meeting would have been: Drawing and painting is an inherent part of my personality."

"I do this since I was 5 years old, at which age I was admitted to the local art conservatory, where they teach you the elementary theories about color and where you learn to draw a stuffed rabbit as realistically as possible. I was less successful at soccer, so I kept the pencils and brushes and never let them go since."


"After a 10-year period of silence (not drawing anything at all), I happened to start making random sketches on a plane during a business trip in 2013. First, on a Sofico note block, later in a sketchbook, and took up drawing again in my free time."

Slowly over the past years, it all came back: "I took up the techniques and drawing style where I had left it many years before. Thanks to a friend in Ghent, I managed to do a small exhibition in a shop back in 2016 and was painting gouaches more for the sake of my Facebook page, to share it with friends all over the world."

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WhatsApp Image 2021-01-07 at 18


"Ironically, the 2020-corona crisis gave a boost to all of this. "One night, I was yearning for painting in a more sophisticated style than I did up until then and after having purchased a table-easel, I discovered that I could easily turn my daytime home-office desk into an atelier at night and vice-versa the next morning. Likewise, I traded in paper for canvas and watercolor for oils and acrylics. Both are fundamentally different from each other and I was pretty new to all of that! An exciting new discovery!"

"I believe we never stop learning in life. To get more acquainted with oils and acrylics, I painted a lot in 2020. The downside of a creative hobby: it just never stops. You keep on creating stuff and it’s only after a few months that you can look back on it and destroy what you don’t like, redo where you see an opportunity to improve, or simply like what you created. Currently, I am working on a large series of portraits that picture friends of mine, and I paint a landscape from time to time as well. I recently moved and it is perfect for painting your own home decoration as well."

"Whereas the covid-crisis gave me an artistic boost to paint in 2020, this also dried out after all these months of confinement and lockdown. My inspiration for ‘big stories’ to tell without being a cliché. I hope that those triggers will be refreshed soon when life is restored to its normal pace… "

More works: www.nielsjoosten.be


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