How Xavier Lisabeth stays clear-headed


With a new edition of the Sofico Gent Marathon coming up, the running intensity is also increasing. Xavier explains how we approach this: "Anyone who cycles or runs to work in the morning, arrives more clear-headed, no doubt."

Xavier Lisabeth explains why Sofico started a running club: "In the run-up to the Sofico Gent Marathon, we noticed that 40-some colleagues had registered for one or more distances of the event. However, not everyone knew how to start preparing for a running event. Most colleagues were already running, but the structural, injury-free build-up was new to many."

Running together motivates

We formed different running groups (per planned distance) and went out together on Thursday in the vicinity of our office. "Running with others at your own pace and level, keeps you motivated and allows you to push your boundaries. Thanks to the shower facilities, it is perfectly feasible to go for a run at lunchtime or in the afternoon and resume work fully refreshed. Sofico also provided a fruit basket for the runners to replenish their energy."

Running from a distance

During the COVID lockdown this spring, the Sofico Gent Marathon was canceled. While everyone worked from home, we looked for new ways to keep running together. Xavier explains: "We started a Strava group, so we could follow each other. In addition, the platform allowed us to give all runners of the Sofico Gent Marathon the opportunity to run the event virtually and receive a (virtual) medal."

New date, new energy

Now that a new date has been set for the Sofico Gent Marathon (edition 2021), the running groups are gradually being revived, albeit at a safe distance. "We are happy that we can see each other again and strengthen our immune system in a natural way. Great that Sofico also supports and encourages this", a satisfied Xavier adds.

The unwinnable medal

It is a shame and yet very special: unfortunately, we could not award the medal of the 2020 Sofico Gent Marathon edition, but it is a real gem!


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