Impressions on working at Sofico Japan


After working for a typical Japanese company for a decade, joining a company like Sofico Services Japan has been a breath of fresh air for me. Even during my first interview, I was able to relax and explain my experiences more expressively and just be myself. The overall welcoming atmosphere here at Sofico and the high standard of the English used convinced me in a second.

The work-life balance at Sofico is one of the main differences with other companies in Japan. And as I was used to working long hours, it was a pleasant surprise that my manager and teammates are so flexible and considerate in terms of the work schedule. My job coach would even remind me not to overwork, to avoid a burn-out.

One of the advantages of working for Sofico is the amount of interaction and diversity with a multi-cultural workforce, environment and various personalities! This contributes to my global perspective and feel. I am happy that Sofico values this diversity, especially when it comes to (exchanging) opinions.

From a developer's point of view, I was impressed with the workflow and processes used at Sofico. The company has a mature Software Development process, allowing it to adjust quickly, especially during the recent shutdown due to the pandemic.

The company provides the proper tooling and resources for developers to do their job, such as overall integration and workflow using Jira. I am glad to have the chance to experience working for a company with a long-term product vision and with a continuously improving and agile way of working.

I am certainly looking forward to the future with Sofico.

Napoleon Tan


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