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A summer without sports? No way! 

We regretfully had to postpone the 2020 Sofico Gent Marathon to a later date. The mood is also dampened in our Tokyo office, with the Olympic games being postponed by a year. 

Our urge to be sporty is too strong to tame though! That's why Sofico, Golazo and Sportaround are launching the #totheloochallenge. We challenge you to be creative in getting exercise this summer, to explore new sports and to sport together with your family. 

Join the #totheloochallenge!

Make a short movie (max 30 seconds) where you demonstrate a sport involving one or more toilet rolls. Any sport is allowed. Both kids and adults can participate. 

Share your video on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, twitter, ... with the hashtag #totheloochallenge.

Meet & greet met Bashir Abdi 

Bashir Abdi, Belgian marathon record holder will select his 3 favorite movies and 1 super winner. These 3 entries receive a free registration for the Sofico Gent Marathon (any distance). The super winner wins a meet and greet with our Belgian record holder. 

view the rules of participation

Winners: @LotteNaudts, @KoerianVb @driesdeleye


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