Motivation letters: dead, endangered or worth writing?


I was interested in writing about motivation letters because the consensus is that the motivation letter is dead or at least dying. But in these last past months, I've seen firsthand that it can make a difference.   

Especially when you know that on average it takes recruiters 6 seconds to scan your CV.  If you don’t have the skills we are looking for and no motivation letter, then we just move on. 

In a motivation letter, you can tell us so much more than through a CV.  

We might reconsider

With a motivation letter, you give us additional information that we take into consideration.

So, make sure you provide the reader with that extra information. Don't just pour your skills - already listed in your CV - into a text; this has little to no added value.  

And if it is not yet clear, We read motivation letters. Our hiring managers also read them and still find them extremely valuable. Looking forward to reading yours!

5 reasons to write your cover letter

  1. Tell us why you want to work for us, companies also like to feel wanted

  2. Give us the backstory of why you are taking your career in a different direction

  3. Show us more of your personality and how it fits in the company

  4. You can include names of mutual contacts

  5. Emphasize the skills you do have and think are important for the role

Leen Steenberghs, HR recruiter at Sofico 


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