Remote working: that's how it's done here


In these exceptional times of seclusion and care, all businesses are looking for new ways to keep in touch. 

These days, 'working from home' is being reinvented all over the world. The amount of kids in video calls rose by 655%, Bluejeans data traffic increased tenfold and even Microsoft Teams struggled with the crowds on their virtual meeting place. The result: messages with delay, like the postal services of old.

Everyone has a different living situation, different habits and different resources available to them so we gathered some home office examples. We noticed that some colleagues ease the tension with jokes, while others go to work in a suit even when at home and we also learned that some colleagues have the strangest pets. 

The changes, far-reaching as they are, also offer many opportunities. We see the spring come into full bloom through our new office window, we can play with our kids during breaks, we get to know our housemates in a new way and there's no queue at the coffee machine. 

Some desperate parents came up with creative solutions to assure they could concentrate. One colleague reported: "My son is 23 and still complains he's bored. I suggested he could get started on some yard work. I haven't seen him since."

’Quarantine rhymes with ‘King of the screen’’ - Poem by Craig

Local wildlife took over the place real fast.

We like to call it 01100010 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 a.k.a. bread

No sir, the gaming pc is the other one.

Quarantine bingo: every colleague with children won!
David's son was forced to mark all achievements himself, including 'a glass fell' and 'can we go play now'?

Kristof, did you have to add water? Then empty the grounds container? Then wait for the machine to warm up again?

There is less difference than usual between the working week and the weekend but that does not stop us for the e-pero! ??

When they don't like to be committed to a new branch on KitHub.

When nobody dares to come closer, not even your sparring partner...

Wim, preparing for a wurst käse scenario


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