Sofico After Summer Event


Now that we can all come back to the office, Sofico celebrated this comeback in style.

At five locations in five different countries, we came together at the same time to mark the end of summer - and the beginning of a new era.

With more than 100 colleagues, we gathered in Ghent. In the four other countries, the same number of colleagues came together in a happy reunion.

Under the bright sunshine of the unexpected Indian summer, we welcomed numerous new colleagues who came on board over the past eighteen months.

After an encouraging speech by our CEO, we were treated to a refreshing cocktail, surprising snacks, and a real barbecue.

Judging by the many happy faces, it was a great pleasure to greet each other again with open arms.

Cheers to connecting and re-connecting. Show them what it's all about at Sofico!

Gémar Hompes, CEO

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See you soon!


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