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When Sofico announced last year that from now on the Ghent marathon would bear its name, we knew quite well why we had chosen running as a sport. Games like football or tennis are not participatory sports and therefore do not fit with our corporate vision.

As the title sponsor of the Sofico Ghent Marathon, we are deliberately focusing on a sport that our colleagues can take part in too, that (virtually) everyone can do perfectly well at their own pace and that makes everyone feel better.

Running together

Every Thursday lunchtime we organise a running session where colleagues can train in groups. They choose their preferred distance and are accompanied by the more experienced runners in our team. ‘They provide fresh fruit for the runners, too, which is very thoughtful, of course’, says one of the participants. So everyone who so wishes can prepare for the Sofico Ghent Marathon at their own pace (distances: 42, 21, 11 and 5 kilometres).

Strava as a motivator

Everyone who runs or cycles now knows about the power and versatility of the Strava tracking app. Not only does the app provide detailed information about your progress in your training sessions, but you also gain additional motivation from the training sessions and the runs or rides of the people you follow.

Sofico has its own club on Strava which many colleagues have joined. Thanks to weekly rankings and statistics, you stay focused on your own goal and you stay motivated.


Healthy employees are happier

Vigorous employees are usually happier, more productive, more motivated and more energetic. Besides this, they also fall sick less often. A welcome situation that benefits both employer and employee. So at Sofico, you can perfectly well go running during working hours. Thanks to working from home and flexitime, everyone can plan their work to best effect in accordance with their needs, the needs of the customer or time zone and scheduled meetings. Because by being flexible, we are pointing the way to go. Ahead of time.



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