Sofico Table Talks #3 - Working abroad


Was it hard to move to Belgium from an administrative point of view?

No, it was pretty straightforward and Sofico helped a lot as well. Providing me with a temporary place to stay so I could move, giving me time to look around for a nice place I would like to stay. That part was quite easy, they also took care of the administrative part, the national health service, …. But since I was part of the EU it was just as if I moved cities within Portugal. Quite straightforward. As long as you’re a bit flexible you can easily adapt, and people will accept you.

Sometimes when I’m speaking Dutch my girlfriend will look at me like: "what are you even saying"?


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How was it for you, your son being born in Belgium? Did you have any issues with a language barrier when you had to go to the hospital?

'You learn to not be afraid of sounding foolish. Sometimes when I’m speaking Dutch my girlfriend will look at me like what are you even saying?'

'But if you don’t dare to try and talk, you will never improve and never talk to people. You just have to say what you can, and people do understand you, they even try and help you. If you want to communicate, you always find a way.'

Miguel: 'Especially if you don’t have family or friends nearby that can help you out. It was just my partner and me, it makes everything just a little bit more difficult.'

Sander: 'I can relate to that, coming back to Belgium, things are way easier since we can count on a lot of people to help us out. Mexico was the complete opposite.'

'I can’t compare having a baby yet but soon I will know the difference between the countries in that aspect as well. One huge difference is from a medical perspective, going to the hospital, that’s when you see how good we have it in Belgium with all our insurances and the national health service.'

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