Sofico teaches at HOGENT during trajectory days


For the fourth year, several Sofico colleagues guest lectured a class at the HOGENT university of Applied Sciences and Arts. During this week, students attend guest lectures from experts in the business world. They can choose between different themes (and sectors) - thus bridging the gap to their future job.

Bram, Sven and Ruben (photo) gave sessions on GDPR in software and reactive programming in Angular (RxJS / Redux) to applied computer science students. Noteworthy: three years ago, Ruben himself was one of the students attending these guest lectures. Now – for the second year in a row - he is in front of the class. To be honest, that makes us proud!


Three HOGENT students also started their internship at Sofico this week. As a company, we reach out to educational institutions and young talent. This allows us to keep in touch with students by knowledge-sharing with our future colleagues.

Students looking for an internship can apply for both IT and non-IT internships, like marcom, HR....


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