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Each month we interview one of our developers about an application or tool Sofico uses daily. This month, Wim Claeys talks to us about Tyk (rhymes with Mike). 

What is Tyk? is an open-source Application Programme Interface (API) gateway and management platform.
An API gateway is an important concept in a microservices architecture. It forms an entry point for external clients (anything that is not part of the microservices platform). 

In other words, an API gateway is an API management server that has information about APIs and their endpoints. It is also capable of performing authentication, rate limiting, usage quotas  and more. 

An API gateway is an important concept in a microservices architecture. It is an API management server that has information about APIs and their endpoints

Wim Claeys

Why do we use Tyk? 

Why do we need an API gateway? We can offload the governance of topics like authentication and rate-limiting from our microservices to the API gateway. This allows us to deploy different microservices using different technologies, without the need to re-implement these functionalities on every service.  

And why Tyk ? We have chosen Tyk  because it is an open-source API gateway that can handle huge loads with very little latency per request. 

Tyk is committed to being backward compatible while continuously improving and extending functionality (together with the enthusiastic community).  

Tyk is committed to being backward compatible while continuously improving and extending functionality (together with the enthusiastic community).

Wim Claeys

Additionally, Tyk supports the OpenID Connect authentication standard specification. It validates if a certain API request is allowed to pass through. 

How do we use Tyk? 

The deployment and configuration of Tyk are fully automated. We have developed a component; we call it the ‘firestarter’ that integrates with Kubernetes to configure Tyk in an automated manner. This implies adding new APIs and external clients with the correct and secure configuration in a fully automated manner as part of the DevOps processes.  

Tyk is part of our reference deployment architecture and will be deployed and automatically configured as part of the IAM (Identity and Access Management) bundle.  


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