Team in the spotlight: Miles Technical Team


Every week, we put a team in the spotlight. In this episode: our Systems team - and the broad and diverse collection of tasks they are responsible for.

Meet Bart Mistiaen, MTT Team Coach  

Q: MTT in a nutshell, is that even possible? 

I'll give it a try! MTT is the Miles Technical (support) Team. Typically, that means solving urgent problems for customers. We distinguish five major task packages: Flying MTT, continuous support, technical consultancy, hosting and application management and the facilitation of the (ISO 27001 required) ISMS. 

Q: And outside the nutshell? 

The Flying MTT Team consists of four colleagues: Stefaan, Arnout, Thomas and me. One of them is on duty every week. They solve the unforeseen events. In this way we are more responsive and more agile. 

Our continuous service includes nightly release builds, two weekly patches and EP's (Emergency Patches). You name it, we build it. ;) 

At the request of customers or colleagues we also offer technical consultancy, assistance and clarification during, for example, RFIs (BDMC) or project implementations. 

MTT is also responsible for the hosting and application management of our customers. They are currently working on moving our in-house servers to hosting provider Axians. 

For the standardization of setting up new servers we are now starting to use Ansible. Ansible is used for automation tasks, for example: server setup and middleware configuration. This way, we have less repetitive tasks, and it frees up our team for more strategic work. 

Q: How do you all cope with possible stress? 

Sorry we are grumpy sometimes (laughs). It can be a war room in here. But this team consists of stress-resistant experts. Thank you Stefaan, Arnout, Trinidad, Satyakam, Rein and John for being a part of this! 


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