Team in the spotlight: Systems


Every week, we put a team in the spotlight. In this episode: our Systems team - and the broad and diverse collection of tasks they are responsible for.

Most of you are probably aware that the Systems team does more than IT support. They most recently proved their mettle with the smooth shift from office to home-office on March 16th.

Meet Tim Yperman, Systems Team Coach (middle).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Q: Tim, can you briefly introduce your team?

Sure. Systems is a 25-strong team, with members in Australia, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Mexico. 

We are responsible for the IT infrastructure, systems and tools used by Sofico staff to perform their job. We are responsible for security, maintenance and support as well as performance and quality.

Our Miles Technical Team (MTT) is responsible for all Miles environments, release management, build & patch management and application management for our Sofico hosted customer environments to highlight but a few things. 

We do so much more than IT support

Tim Yperman

Q: The systems team was recently reorganized? 

Yes. To better manage the diverse range of responsibilities managed by the Systems team, we have created 6 sub-teams, each with their own responsibilities and team coach.

MTT - Bart Mistiaen
International offices IT - Arne Vandeleene
Operations - Thomas Van Steenkiste
Security & compliance - Sven Van den Broeck
DBA, performance - Ivan Devloo
System validation & quality - Stefaan Bouckaert, Dennis Cappel


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