There is a baker among us


Hidden talents are there to be discovered! Kristopher Ho shares his love of baking with us. 

Your colleagues in Australia tell us that you are a fantastic baker. 

Oh, Thanks! It all started when a friend gave me some live yeast (aka starter dough) to try baking. I must admit, I also have a soft spot for those freshly baked goods from a local boulangerie. Since I’ve shared my starter dough with other aspiring home bakers in- and outside Sofico. 

So, are you an early riser? Or is that a cliché? 

Indeed, I never start super early. Usually, around 5:30 am.  I also don't bake bread for 40 colleagues in Australia every time (laughs). 

What are your favorite pastries? 

Oh, there are so many! But judging from the reactions in the office and the self-proclaimed 'Focaccia Friday', I already know what their preference is ;-)! 

What is your secret ingredient? A colleague mentioned that you share your recipes, but when he tries them, he fails ;) 

I’d say a sprinkle of fresh herbs and spices, a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil, and a healthy dose of ‘labor of love’. You have to keep on experimenting and reinventing the recipe to develop your own take on a classic. It took a few iterations to get my recipe to a level that I’m happy with to share my baked goods at the office. Perhaps, give it another try. ;-) 

Can we share a recipe with the world? Merci! 

Yes, please! Here is my recipe (see below) and the preparation method for the sourdough bread. Have fun baking! 

The Recipe 

1 : 2 : 3 ratio

  • 1 part live yeast (200g)
  • 2 part water (400g)
  • 3 part strong flour (600g)1st kneading until the dough is strengthened and structured i.e. stretchable without breaking too easily (~30mins)

1st proofing in a warm/humid place for 3-4hr

Observe that dough has risen

1st folding and proofing for ~8 mins

2nd folding and proofing for another ~8 mins

Final proofing overnight (~10hrs)

Score and bake in oven ~220-230Celsius (~30-35mins)

  • First 12 mins observe the dough starts to rise
  • Keep rotating the bread for even baking

Let the loaf cool (~45mins, do not slice until it has cooled down)

Ready to serve Bon Appetit!




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