Tips to enjoy long-distance running


Long-distance running is an essential component of every training plan, from 5 km to a marathon. You build up resistance and stamina, and your body learns to deal with long distances and the associated fatigue. Long-distance runs don't need to be torture - on the contrary. Follow our tips and it will be much more agreeable. 

Run to the music! 

By listening to music, your thoughts are not constantly occupied with the long distance that you still have ahead. It can also distract you from any pain in your legs. Take note: don't put your music on too loud, so you can still hear the sounds around you. Don’t allow yourself to become too dependent on your music, as you never know when your battery might drain while you run...

Join a running club 

Running in a club can be motivating. Clubs are often divided into groups of runners who are at more or less the same pace. An advantage of joining an organisation is that they often provide water and sports drinks during the runs. A running club is less interesting, however, for people who like to run at the time that suits them best. It is ideal to alternate between running in a group (for the social aspect and the motivation) and running alone, since running on your own helps you build up your mental resilience, which is something you need as well.

Find a running buddy

For some runners, it is ideal to go running with someone else, as they don't always enjoy running alone, or because they like to have a chat or they don't feel safe otherwise. Running with another person gives you more flexibility than in a club, where you have to turn up at a specific time. Moreover, a club can scare off beginner runners and so it may be better to run with just one other person. Be sure that you are at the same pace, so you don't overdo it. Also bear in mind that your running buddy could suffer an injury, and then you are on your own again... What you can also do, of course, is to ask if someone might want to come along on a bike. That person can also carry some water to drink along the way - super handy!

Running in loops 

Instead of running a single circuit of 15 km, you can also opt for 3 loops of 5 km. That way, you can prepare some water at your home, for example, and it gives you the opportunity to go to the bathroom if necessary. Always running the same loop can, of course, be boring, so take that into account. Perhaps you can make each time a bit different. Or ask a friend to accompany you one on of the loops. There are many other mental tricks for your run. 


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