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Valerie, many people know you as the gatekeeper of the Sofico branding or as the lead singer of the Sofico band. But there is also an artist in you. Where does that creative drive come from?

I love a challenge ?. Taking on a new hobby like cake decorating, knitting, crocheting… through self-teaching, is one way I like to challenge myself.

And of course, the way the kids react whenever they see their birthday cake(s), is what drives me to spend the necessary time to give them the cake they deserve





    On average, how much time is needed for one cake / gem?

    People usually underestimate the time it takes to create a 3D-cake… creating the 3D-figures and decorations in fondant, the baking of the cake, making yummy buttercream, layering the cake and decorating it takes me about 6 to 10 hours depending on the cake theme and complexity of course.

    Doesn't that bother you: a painting or book remains. Of your cakes, only the pictures remain afterwards.

    Not really… a picture sometimes says more than a thousand words, right? And I don’t know if I would have enough room to store all of my creations?

    Suppose I also want to learn to decorate cakes. How do I start?

    Youtube ? I never took a class on how to work with sugar paste or fondant, but over the years, I learned a lot by watching Youtube tutorials, checking out specific websites and joining topic-related Facebook groups.​​​​​​​



    Also unique within Sofico: you live together with a colleague. How do you cope with this situation, especially now that you both work from home?

    Before these special ‘working from home’ times, we saw each other every day at work and at home, so actually, not much has changed.

    We are such a great team both professionally as privately, that there’s not much to cope with ?

    What’s your favorite song of all time. Probably one on your own repertoire?

    There are too many great songs to choose from … but here’s but a few I really enjoy performing:


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