Vincenzo’s winding road to Sofico: looking past appearances


Vincenzo is a Web Developer at Sofico. His road to our company was winding, to say the least. Up until a couple of months ago, Vincenzo led a regular Italian life in a town near Naples and had never even heard of Sofico.

“After graduating, I worked for various software houses in the province of the city where I was born. After my marriage, my wife and I decided to settle in a small town north of Naples with our children. Our life proceeded normally, like that of many Italian families, without pomp and circumstance. We were able to manage the needs of our family and our children and once a year we could afford some "luxury" such as going on holiday during the summer or visiting a few Italian cities for the weekend and making use of the hospitality of friends.”​​​​​​​


Working abroad, let alone at Sofico, was far from his mind. Yet everything changed when his house was burgled.

“It was May 27, 2019. As we returned from a weekend in Rome for my son’s birthday, I found my house door open. Our house, our safe haven, was unrecognizable. Someone had entered in search of I’m not sure what and had violated the intimacy of our home without sparing anything, not even the baskets where our children put their toys. In short, it was a real cold shower. After that, our life was no longer the same. What had, until recently, been the quiet town where we had decided to spend the rest of our lives, had been transformed into a place where fear of others was the main feeling around which all our decisions began to revolve.”

On top of this, a garbage incinerator on the edge of town started malfunctioning and caused the air near Vincenzo’s home to become unbreathable. Time to plan for alternatives.​​​​​​​

Then I said to myself: “Are you crazy man? This is your chance! Surely, they won't notice anything."



“It was during this difficult period that a truly unexpected meeting gave me the opportunity to thoroughly re-evaluate my life. A dear childhood friend returned from the Netherlands. I took his advice to send some resumes around the north of Europe.”

Sofico was on his list of companies and we decided to give Vincenzo a ring. Safe to say, Miek and Steven were a tad surprised by their first conversation with the new candidate.

“We had planned two weeks of vacation at a camping site. We were there among the tents, umbrellas and deckchairs when I received an email from Sofico’s Human Resources: "We've received your resume and would be interested in proceeding with the first step of your hiring process: an introductory video call."​​​​​​​

“I didn't know what to think. What do I do now? I'm camping, red as a pepper because of the sun, without a quiet place to have a video call... I almost made up an excuse and let it go... then I said to myself: “Are you crazy man? This is your chance! Surely, they won't notice anything".”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“For me, this demonstrated that at Sofico it doesn’t matter how you look, but how you are.”


Human resources can't be fooled

Alas, the perceptiveness of our HR crew knows no bounds.

- “Are you in a caravan?”

He was discovered! A bit embarrassed, he honestly explained his situation.

- “Indeed… I am on holiday and I love camping. I decided to spend these days searching for a new job that will me the opportunity to change my life and I am confident I’ve found it ?

As you know, Vincenzo got the job.

- “The interview was a real success and just a few days later I was on board a plane bound for Belgium, which would take me to live the life I have now.  An expat's life that my family and I have only been living for a few months but that has already given me satisfaction. I can say without any doubt that I am currently experiencing the highest standards of work and life in general that I have ever had.”

We are very happy to have you in our ever-growing pool of talent, Vincenzo!

- “For me, this demonstrated that at Sofico it doesn’t matter how you look, but how you are.”


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