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There is much more to our colleagues than meets the eye. While it's often worth a shout-out, it easily remains unnoticed. Each week we share a colleagues' hidden talent, hobby, or fetish. Joseph is a Java developer from the UK office and shares his passion for motorcycles and Lego. 

Joseph, you’ve worked in both the Belgian and the UK office. How did you adapt? 

“The experience of being a part of the Belgian team was fantastic. It was a wonderful team with great mentors and cool friends. My mind is flooded with fond memories whenever I look back: being part of the IT Fries Group; beating the mid-week crisis with Wednesday's Fries day; the ever-so vibrant table tennis club with David, Martine, Luckas, and Nick - to name a few.” 

“The UK team has been very welcoming and supportive. We were a team of 6 when I started and have now grown to sixteen!” 

Two years ago, you changed employers and started at Sofico. What changed?  

“I have been working in service-based companies prior to joining Sofico. I feel privileged to be a part of the development team. Sofico values every individual for who they are. The work environment and work patterns are conducive to growth.” 

What do your weekends look like? 

“My weekends are dedicated to the family. We enjoy cooking together (as weird as it may seem); I spend quality LEGO, Xbox, and reading time with my 5-year-old little man, and finally, I make some short rides on my motorcycle.” 

We heard you are a motorcycle enthusiast! How did this start? 

“I was 10 years old when I first rode a motorcycle. Yes, I hear you: that’s definitely an illegal age to ride on open roads. So, I used to limit my riding to side streets and open grounds. There are a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts in my family. So that explains how it all started. When I was in Belgium, I could not pursue my passion for riding due to various reasons but am extremely thrilled to be able to do so here in the UK. It is an awesome experience each time I step out on my beast- the country roads and breath-taking sceneries are a sight to behold!” 

What feeling do you get when you go out for a ride? 

“The heart beating in accord to the rhythm of the engine; adrenaline pumping to the pace of the motorcycle; tears streaming down from the face being hit by the wind; the welcoming embrace of the open roads; the smiles and nods from fellow riders sharing the same passion- the list is endless and most definitely priceless!” 

Dad and son moments are golden. How are you coping with the lockdown measures? 

“The lockdown has been particularly difficult for my little one who is outgoing by nature and loves socializing. Having common interests proved advantageous. Weather permitting, we play football in the garden. The short rides around the block with him on his bike and me jogging behind helped me lose some weight.” 

"We’ve enjoyed our lie-ins listening to each other read or flying kites for hours in the summer until the kite broke and decided it needed a break. The best activity of all was building an indoor racetrack for kiddo’s RC Jeep, using a range of old cardboard boxes and kitchen/toilet rolls for the humps and bumps.” 

The Lego times: can you show us some of your creations? 

“We use LEGO and KNEX to do a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities. Together we make learning, fun. Some of what we’ve built are working models of a Cable Car, Sea Plane, Windmill, Beam Balance, and of course a variety of Motorcycles.” 

What is the first thing you plan to do once the restrictions are lifted? Why? 

“First on the list is to travel to India to meet family and friends- we missed doing this last year; hope we’re able to this current year!” 


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