What we do

With our software package 'Miles', we support our customers in their business processes. Because Miles' innovative character and adaptability to meet the needs of the customer, it is very pleasant for the end users to work with it.

We enable our customers' success in a changing market

The biggest difference between a 1956 and a 1960 model car was the size of the fins on the brake lights. Between 2016 and 2020 vehicles changed in multiple ways beyond design: powertrains, connectivity, sales channels...

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Our Miles Solution

Miles excels at managing complexity and our customers run a highly complex business.

Imagine you just bought a car. You'll need to take care of some administration first before you can take it out for its first spin: registration, insurance, road tax...

For large fleet owners like leasing companies, rental companies or car sharing organizations, this effort is multiplied by a factor of 10 000 or 100 000. For each vehicle in their fleet, they need to know the exact configuration of the car, including options, so they know how much it is worth (which changes over time as the vehicle value depreciates).

Then they need to put a price on the use of that vehicle, whether it's minutes, hours, days or years taking into account any additional services included in the contract: repair and maintenance, fuel card, road-side assistance, replacement vehicle, etc. 

Finally, they need to generate invoices, follow up on the payments and take care of collections

Miles' configurability and scalability is a real benefit and one that many other systems can't deliver.

Customer Vice President

Our Experts' added value

Our consultants map out the business processes for all of the above and configure Miles so they are accurately reflected in and supported by Miles. Then, through workflow, repetitive administrative tasks can be largely automated, freeing up our customer's staff to provide their end-customers with excellent customer service, tailored to their specific needs.

When new functionality is required to meet our customers' requirements, the consultants will translate the requirements into a change request, which our developers can use as basis for designing, developing and testing new features, interfaces or point solutions (like a new app).

Miles’ flexibility in its core configuration, and a comprehensive list of easy-to-use data interfaces for third party suppliers, were assets that tilted the balance in Miles’ favor. This resulted in more automation and less human interaction in back office processes.

Customer CIO

From data to insights

Miles takes up a central place in our customers' IT landscape. Like a spider in the middle of a web, Miles is connected to and exchanges data with numerous internal and external systems.

By visualizing the wealth of data captured by Miles via dashboards and reports, we can offer our customers actionable insights into their business. As a next step, data analytics can help our customers make better business decisions.

The flexibility of the Miles system allows us to provide detailed custom reports to each of our fleet customers and helps us provide a first-rate level of customer service.

Customer CEO

Our technologies

Are you curious about what's under the hood? If you have an interest the technical details and the technologies used...

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