Who we are

Sofico is a Hidden Champion: world’s leading supplier of software solutions and services for asset finance, leasing and fleet mobility management. Our software is used at a broad range of renowned leasing companies all over the world.

Our niche

We help automotive leasing and finance companies & mobility management companies worldwide to efficiently manage their contracts.


#SoficoValues: our view on work, life and life at work.

Entrepreneurship is what got us started back in 1988 and we still value it highly. Are you the type of person who acts rather than pointing out action is needed? Then you'll fit right in. 

Do your values vibe with ours?

Learning Organization

We are a learning organization. We invite every new colleague to think about their career path and personal growth. Once you've settled into your role and honed the skills it requires, you can start thinking about broadening or deepening the scope of your role.

A career coach will help you to define a personal development plan and articulate your learning needs. The personal development plan is your personal roadmap for growth within Sofico. 



Corporate Social Responsibility

With over 300 staff working from 8 locations worldwide we have an impact. On society, on the environment and on our staff. 

Through corporate social responsibility initiatives, colleagues are invited to think and act on ways we can assure this is a positive impact.

Do we have a fit?

Are you keen to sink your teeth into a job full of challenges and a career full of continuous learning?

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